Yvonne Alexandridou

Yvonne Alexandridou, Former Honorary Consul of India in Thessaloniki, Honorary member of GIBA

Yvonne Alexandridou studied Interior design at Dimitrellis College of Decoration and Advertisement in Thessaloniki, Inner architecture at Institut Fur Raumgestaltung, Zurich, Switzerland, photography and creative design in Division of Career and Continuing Education, Los Angeles, USA (scholarship by the Greek National Organization of Craftsmanship), and Sculpture and History of Art,  l’ Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France (scholarship by the Greek National Organization of Craftsmanship). She speaks fluently Greek (Mother tongue), English, and French

Yvonne taught courses on Bronze and Copper sculpture, and Batik at Greek National Organization of Craftsmanship and in YMCA, Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been a Designer of the summer and winter Collection for Sardar Overseas Company, N.Delhi, India, Promoter of Greek textile products in Usa, Master Export Company, Thessaloniki, Greece, Shop owner in Thessaloniki, designing and selling her own garment collection manufactured in India, wholesale and retail, Promoter of Indian leather garments, textile, handicrafts e.t.c.

Yvonne received in 1984  the Award for Fashion Design and the Honour for Pret A Porter at Textilia International Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece

In 1999, Yvonne was appointed as an Honorary Consul of India in Thessaloniki by the Indian Ambassador Mr. G. S. Bedi and she served on this post for almost 20 years promoting trade and Indian culture in North Greece.

Some of the most remarkable Yvonne’s activities are given below:

  • 1996: Organizer of the Indian-Greek concert in SHERATON HOTEL, N.Delhi, India
  • 1998: Organizer of an Indian music and dance group event at the  Music Hall of Athens, Greece
  • 1999: Inauguration event, Macedonia Palace Hotel. Guests: Indian Ambassador, Mr. G. S. Bedi,  General Consuls, Greek Politicians, Businessmen, Artists. Parallel events: Exhibition of Greek and Indian artworks, Theatre and music performances by Greek and Indian actors and musicians
  • 1999-: Informing and supporting Indians living in Thessaloniki and in Nothern Greece(today there are about 100 Indians in Thessaloniki)
  • 1999-: Promoting the Indian Trade and Tourism in Thessaloniki
  • 1999-: Supports the ITPO mission at HELEXPO during the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki
  • 1999-: Supports the “INCREDIBLE INDIA” mission of the Ministry of Tourism, at PHILOXENIA, Tourism fair at Thessaloniki.
  • 2000:  Organizer of an Uma Sharma’s music and dance group event, with lectures about Indian Culture at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2001: Supported the Greek Business Mission to India. Head of the mission, Mr. Kostas Simitis, Prime Minister of Greece, who inaugurated the Greek Embassy in N.Delhi
  • 2001: Organizer of a fundraising event for ACTION AID: Art Exhibition of 10 painters living and working in Thessaloniki.
  • 2005: Twinning of Kolkata and Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Mayor of Kolkata, Mr. S. Chatterjee and the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr.Papageorgopoulos. Parallel events: Art Exhibition of Indian painter, Mr.Jatin Das and Greek painter, Mr. Lazaros Pandos, at Yeni Jami Gallery, Miniature exhibition, Lectures about India, Performances.
  • International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, India: Country of Honour. Parallel events: in cooperation with the Mayor of Thessaloniki. Uma Sharma’s group performances. Indian cousin promoted by an Indian chef from Udaipur Palace in Nikopolis Hotel, Thessaloniki
  • 2009: Art Exhibition Indian painter, Mr.Jatin Das and Greek painter, Mr. Lazaros Pandos, in N.Delhi (in cooperation with ICCR)
  • 2010: Cooperation with SMS Meera Bagh School to promote students exchange between and Greece.
  • 2014: Supported the organization of an Art Exhibition of Greek painters, at Lalit Gallery, N.Delhi
  • 2014: Supported the students’ exchange between Anatolia College of Thessaloniki and SMS Meera Bagh School.
  • 2015: Supported the organization of Sangeeta Gupta’s Art Exhibition in Thessaloniki.
  • 2015: Bibekananda Santra’s art event:” When India meets Greece” under the auspices of the Honorary Consulate of India and the Municipality of Thessaloniki.
  • 2016: Welcomed and supported, Mr. Naveen Rabelli, electrical mechanic and researcher, who came from India to Thessaloniki, with a final destination, London, by a car that he designed himself and it is driven by energy from the sun and electric charge just as our mobile. Arranged interviews for him with the press and Tv. Channels.
  • 2016: Supported the Business mission of Greek Companies to India organized by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece.