Working lunch of GIBA members

On Sunday, December 15, 2019, GIBA held the first meeting of its members. About 16 of us gathered at the Jaipur Palace restaurant for a delicious Indian luncheon. Everyone introduced themselves and their interests. GIBA President Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis referred to the history behind the formation of the Association and the new opportunities it creates for the further strengthening of Greek-Indian economic relations in many business sectors.

General Secretary Anthony Papadopoulos spoke about its legal form, while board member James Mimikos described how we expect the Association to operate as a member-driven organization, providing great prospects for growth. Special emphasis was made on the signing of the MoU with the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO), which will send a business delegation to Athens next year.

Mr. Manolis Manolas talked about the very positive experiences he had from his business trip in India and offered the delicious Aloe fruit juices he produces at his factory that improves our good health. He also gave all present members a bottle of Aloessa (Aloe with mastic).

Andreas Kouniniotis referred to his cooperation with South India and the prospects of developing a plant for the processing of raisins and dried fruits there.

Professor Panos Melios spoke about European environmental protection programs operating at his DIAN training center and the need to develop cooperation with Indian universities and institutions.

Other GIBA members who have developed partnerships with India have referred to their experiences as well as to the pros and cons of Indian entrepreneurship. New members expressed interest in launching partnerships with India in the areas of advanced technology, quality tourism and investment.

Overall, we had a highly productive exchange of ideas for networking and mutual cooperation.  Based on both business discussed and newfound camaraderie, we will continue with another meeting later in January. Finally, we will set up an internal communications process for members through the website. All in all, everyone felt this was a good way to end the year and begin a strong new year… between Greece, Greeks, India and Indians!