Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain, Vice President, Business Philosophy GIBA

Rishabh leads the business development vertical at the family-owned business M/s Indo Gulf Industries Limited, which is en-route to become the world’s leading energetic materials manufacturing enterprise with the most innovative technologies. Rishabh’s late grandfather became a first-generation entrepreneur in 1949 after his involvement in India’s independence movement. Rishabh’s father has advanced the family business that it is today.

Rishabh is the Founder of Shape Himalaya Foundation, that is an independent, not for profit organization run by passionate young individuals committed to improving communities by creating local impact guided by a global perspective; Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Having grown up with non-violence values of Jainism and sense of philanthropy, along with being imparted education at The Doon School, which stands for an aristocracy of service, and exposure to the World Economic Forum, have helped Rishabh prepare for impact. He has travelled to 35 countries, giving him a cosmopolitan outlook and making him vocal about the need for sustainable development with economic growth. From the age of 11, Rishabh has been visiting Himalayan communities, which has implanted in him spirituality and the need for serving the community.

Rishabh is the Vice President – International Relations of the All India Digambar Jain Heritage Preservation Organisation and an active member of ELINEPA. He has co-organised the International Symposium on Jain History, Art and Culture at the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, and several other ELINEPA’s cultural and educational projects in Greece and India.