Pie cutting and working lunch of the Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA)

The Greek-Indian Business Association (GIBA) organized a working lunch for its members on Sunday, March 5 at the Jaipur Palace restaurant in Athens. Several business members participated in the meeting, who, after being informed about the past achievements of the Association, formulated a plan of action and objectives for 2023.

The discussion focused on joint actions and partnerships that can be developed, not only between Greece and India, but between Greek and Indian businesses around the world with Greece as a partner in Europe and India as a dominant economic power in the Gulf countries and the East.

GIBA members represented diverse areas of economic activity, including stock market investment and security, a strategic think tank, publishing houses, legal services, international film production, agriculture and food processing, high technology and renewable energy, customs and real estate. and architecture.

The meal ended with gifts and the cutting of the New Year’s pie. The traditional gold coin was won by Athanasios Damianos, who is only one year old. With parents from Greece and India, little Athanasios promises a bright future in strengthening Greece-India friendly relations in all fields.

The prizes distributed in the lottery were offered by the Eonios Iniohos Bookshop, the publishing department of ELINEPA, and by Apostolos Kourtis, a producer of excellent wines from the region of Olympus (Kourtis Winery).

Naturally, GIBA members combined business collaboration and camaraderie with delicious Indian cuisine!