Create an interactive business community in Greece and India.

Create a bilingual website in English and Greek, as well as open forums in social media like FB, Twitter, etc. for the better promotion and interaction among the members on the global level.
Provide business information, contacts, and networking opportunities, nationally & internationally.
Lead overseas business delegations and participate in national and international trade exhibitions.
Organize conferences, lectures, and workshops, business summits, business and trade missions, B2B and B2C meetings.
Develop the sectors which are redefining Business with new dimensions – Tourism, Shipping, Logistics, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Education & other Sectors.
Increase job opportunities.
Identify and interface with potential partners, buyers, collaborators, and Investors.
Interaction with Ministries, Consulates and other Government bodies in both countries.
Provide legal and business support services in Greece and India.