James P. Mimikos J.D.

James P. Mimikos, J.D., Board of Directors – Public Relations GIBA

International film producer, screenwriter & author with award-winning films. Very active in Indian cinema: Mumbai MAMI and Pune international feature film juries; External Associate film festivals; Whistling Woods visiting faculty; Lecturer in film development, coproduction, and negotiations.

In his many lives before films, in the States, he was a successful criminal lawyer both in the prosecution and defense of felony trials. After winding up in Athens, like all good Greek boys returning to his roots, he got into shipping, then construction… and eventually into the film business where he started his career by using American companies. He taught business law for years at a University and lectured everywhere on various topics of interest to Warriors and Leaders.

Additionally, with his extensive commercial, legal, and financial experience he served as a facilitator in areas related to food processing, hospitality, and more, primarily with India.

Finally, he authored a book on practical spirituality for Warriors & Leaders in life.

His work and travels have taken him all over the world. Dealmaker. Deal Breaker. Negotiator. Always a citizen of the world. His basic underlying belief in life is that we are all different but the same and that the Spirit of the Human Will accomplishes much.