Invest in Greece

After a long period of crisis, the Greek economy started developing again and regains its rightful dominant position in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe. New investment opportunities are emerging in areas, such as tourism, energy, shipping, transportation, production and processing of agricultural products, environmental sciences, industry, etc.

The attraction of investors is also facilitated by the quality of human resources, as Greece has a well-trained and talented workforce. In addition, labor costs are highly competitive within the EU.

Finally, Greece is not only a good place to invest, but also a pleasant place to live. Granting a residence permit to those who buy a house in Greece has become a powerful incentive for investors who want to live peacefully under the sunny sky of Greece, enjoying the European values and achievements.

Large Indian companies have already begun to invest in Greece –  in the construction of Crete’s Kastelli airport, in organized tourism, shipping, and in film production and holding of Indian weddings, while smaller investors have opened Indian restaurants, shops and travel agencies in Athens and other places of Greece.

The attraction of leading companies and dynamic investors helps to further stimulate the national economy and create new jobs and for this reason the Greek government has set up a special department – Invest In Greece SA – to promote and facilitate private investments in Greece.