An Interview with Indian Businessman Ajay Kumar on the need for Greek-Indian defense collaboration

By Andreas Mountzouroulias

”India must take Greece with a special status country, as Greece is truly a gateway to Europe for India”

Ajay Kumar, chairman and Managing Director of Fox Petroleum Limited, spoke with Greek military analyst from Pentapostasma about, India, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan. He believes that alliance between Greece and India will be able to counter Turkey, China and Pakistan.

Question: Mr Kumar – How do you see Greece India relationship? Can we have you comments how this relationship further grows with economic tie ups. Do you see scope of, India to invest in Greece?
Αnswer: India must take Greece with a special status country, as Greece is truly a gateway to Europe for India. India and Greece enjoy close bilateral relations and annual bilateral trade stands at $0.70 billion which needs to be increased by 1.10 Billion USD yearly. India has been an honoured country at the 74th (2009) and the 84th (2019) Thessaloniki International Fair.
The first Greek Indian Business Association was established in Athens in June 2019. I visited Greece and met Her Excellency Elena Kontura Minister of Tourism with a proposal to set up, 2 Billion Dollars Film City to attract Filmmakers and tourism.

Question:  Well, What hinders – India coming to Europe?
Αnswer: We both have terror havens running in our neighbourhood. Your neighbour Turkey, and our neighbour Pakistan both are similar in nature. So, radicalizations are entering Europe via Turkey, and it may deflect Business coming to Europe. The way Turkey is behaving is not good in the interest of Business Community of Europe. Europe must recall that FAATF had once blacklisted Turkey in cases of terror funding, and now Pakistan is on the edge of getting blacklisted. Both are allies. Both are danger to neighbouring countries.

Question: Greece and India have not seen many relations – Do you see some kind of bigger role India plays with Greece amid
Turkey crisis?

Αnswer: I mean you are asking about military ties. Yes. India and Greece has agreed to strengthen defense ties. Both parties agreed to work on the defense sector and promote cooperation between the defense industries of our two countries. It is needed. The boost in military ties between Greece and India comes at a time when Pakistan continues provocations in the East Mediterranean on behalf of Turkey, despite being located 5,000km away from Greece.
We must share an instance of History where India and Greeks has best ties. And, the land I belong from Magadha of ancient India. According to Indian sources, Greek (“Yavana”) troops seem to have assisted Chandragupta Maurya in toppling the Nanda Dynasty and founding the Mauryan Empire. By around 312 BCE Chandragupta had established his rule in large parts of the north-western Indian territories as well.
In 303 BCE, Seleucus I, led an army to the Indus, where he encountered Chandragupta. Chandragupta and Seleucus finally concluded an alliance. Seleucus gave him his daughter in marriage, ceded the territories of Arachosia (modern Kandahar), Herat, Kabul and Makran. He in turn received from Chandragupta 500 war elephant which he used decisively at the Battle of Ipsus.
The peace treaty, and “an intermarriage agreement” (Epigamia, Greek: Επιγαμια), meaning either a dynastic marriage or an agreement for intermarriage between Indians and Greeks was a remarkable first feat in this campaign. Time is to return the favor to Greece, buy coming on their side in 2020.

Question: The trio – Turkey-China-Pakistan is an urgent threat to India and Indian Economy? How do Indian Businessman counter the damage in Business cause by trio?
Answer:  Like wise, forming alliance with France-Greece- India in a row, we will be able to counter Turkey-China-Pakistan. This trio has similar qualification – turkey is ne modern terror heaven, Pakistan since its inception is a terror producing county, and China is a non reliable, and band country by people of many countries after this pandemic.
Whereas, India –Greece-France has a history of long relationship since 303 BCE, and we accept innovation, trade, and e support each others economy. This is what makes business environment. This is what we are going to forge, to counter Trio (Pakistan-Turkey-China) in trade. It is going to be the best alliance, will enhance trade, respect between people, economy.

Question: Turkey causing Business Harm to Greece and You mean Turkey is creating problems to Indian Businessman.
Answer: So far it is very much true. Reinstallation of Ottoman Empire by Turkish President Erdogan is going to kill Business in Turkey but impact will be in Europe. Specially in Greece.
But Turkey may create problem in India by its rented radical Turks in Kashmir, it will divert Government attention from regular business towards war. And, you know it better then me, what Turkish radicals can do in Greece and what they are doing in Kashmir.
In 2018, my European partner tried to sign a deal with Cyprus and were trying to create base in Greece, but in November 2018, Turkish warned all players to cut off from oil exploration blocks near Cyprus and Greece. They have not spared Indian companies too.

Republished with permission from Pentapstagma