GIBA’s Participation in the Indo-Asian Business Excellence Summit 2022

The Indo-Asian Business Excellence Summit 2022 was organized, live and online, by our Associate Partner Organization “Business Connect Magazine” directed by its President Mr. Onkareshwar Pandey.

The theme of the summit was, Indo-Asian Business Opportunities & India’s Prospect in Asian Century
and was focused on:
·         Economic Growth with Leadership; Education with Skills;
·         Healthcare with AYUSH; Sustainable Development with Technology; and
·         Connecting Indian Entities to Asian Businesses

Speakers represented Government, Foreign Embassies, Think Tanks, Academia, and the Media and Entertainment industry.

GIBA participated in this with presentations by Special Guests, Board Member James P. Mimikos, J.D. and GIBA Advisor Mr. Mahmoud Nawaz, Senior Journalist.

Mr. James Mimikos emphasized that if India wants to compete globally then it has to act as a global leader by accepting commercial risks as the Chinese and others do; further, they must look beyond their “secure” internal market, as profitable as it is, and move into the “less secure” external markets; otherwise, they will be left behind. He said that there is a difference between trade and investments; the latter, of course, coming with greater risk.

Mr. Mahmoud Nawaz said that governments need to discuss and negotiate issues that must be overcome so that Asian business and investments can develop on a more commercial basis.

Mr. Onkareshwar Pandey pointed out that the summit was organized after the announcement of PM Narendra Modi on October 28, 2021, “To celebrate 2022 as ‘Indo-ASEAN Friendship Year’ to commemorate 30 years of ASEAN-India Partnership”. PM Modi had emphasized the importance for building partnership and making a roadmap for the next 30 years to focus on connectivity and cooperation with Asian countries. The recent remark of Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar on “Asian Century” also brought Asia in the focus once again.