Giannis Kyriakopoulos

Giannis (John) Kyriakopoulos is an Attorney at Law and Economist, with years of successful experience and in depth knowledge in the field of Capital & Money Markets as well as the International Economy. During his extensive career in Finance & the Institutional Investors Asset Management Industry (over 1 billion euros under management), he has acquired multiple and diverse qualifications, both academic, postgraduate and by accreditation, in the Banking Science, Real Estate Appraisal, Investment Advisory, etc. He has been assigned for more than 4 years (2009-2013) as the Head of the Hellenic Pension Mutual Fund Management Company of Greece, a Sovereign Entity exclusively established for the management of mutual funds owned by all Greek Pension Funds. During his tenure he achieved wide spread recognitions by both local and international press for his unique performance following the Private Sector Involvement of all Greek Government Bondholders in 2009. Under his executive capacity, he was personally involved in the sensitive and unprecedented negotiations pertaining to the Greek Sovereign Debt Restructuring, mostly known as “P.S.I.”. He has also been CEO and President of Investment Advisory Companies, as well as Real Estate Investment Banking and Property Appraisal Companies. He has been representing CARLTON GROUP (USA) as the South- East Europe Managing Director for 1 year, exploring investment opportunities in Greece for foreign Sovereign Investors in the Banking, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors of Greece.