COVID-19 tests – Special offer for GIBA and ELINEPA members from Genelabs

Genelabs Biological Laboratory (corporate member of GIBA) offers the possibility of performing two important tests for COVID-19.

  1. PRC testing for COVID19 provided by a South Korean company that stands at the scientific forefront for decades . The test is analyzed in a sterilized environment from specific trained personnel and following the guidelines of the World Health Organization
  2. Rapid test for COVID19 antigen by the leading company Roche which is one of the only two tests that are accredited by the World Health Organization for emergency usage. We would like to stress out that in case of a positive result the result has to be validated by a PRC Testing.

Genelabs provides special rates for GIBA and ELINEPA members and their families
a) for a Rapid Test is 12 euros and
b) for the PCR testing 40 euros.
For test at your residence add 10 euro

The tests are made by appointment.
Working hours:
Daily 07:00 to 19:30
Saturday: 08:30 to 13:30

For more information contact 2106444230 or alternatively send an email to