Bilateral Agreement signed between Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA) and Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers (Fowcham)

A Bilateral Agreement was signed in Athens and New Delhi by the Chairman of the Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA) Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis and the Chairman of the Federation of Worldwide Chambers of Exporters and Importers (Fowcham) Mr. Sanjeev Upadhyay and came into effect on January 10, 2020.

Under this Bilateral Agreement, both GIBA and FOWCHAM will work together so that members of both parties can participate and develop their activities in India and in Greece.

The cooperation between the two Associations includes the following activities:  

  • Organizing International Exhibitions.
  • Visit of Business Delegations.
  • Exchanging Business Queries and Information.
  • New Company Formation (Establishment of Company, all Legal formalities, Bank Account, Trade Mark Registration, Virtual Office, Staff Hiring, Branch Office and Warehouse establishment, etc).
  • Creating New Business Opportunities.
  • Organizing Conferences – Business Summits – B2B & B2C meetings – Business and Trade Missions, Develop various sectors such as Tourism – Shipping – Logistic – Entertainment – Sports – Media – Education and other sectors.
  • Providing Legal and Business Support Services.
  •  International Tie-up with Companies for Brand Promotion, Sales & Marketing Projects, etc.
  • Increasing Job opportunities.
  • Identify and Interface with Potential Partners, Buyers, Collaborators, and Investors.

In addition, both FOWCHAM and GIBA will publish on their websites the logo and the link to the website of the other for mutual promotion.