A medical exam clinic in Athens is seeking to formulate synergies with Indian clinics and medical institutions in the health sector

Genelabs is a medical exam clinic founded in 2010. Our center offers a wide range of medical exams ranging from blood tests to molecular exams along with the gynecological exams.

For the fulfillment of the above-mentioned services our center is organized via three different divisions:

  1. Blood test department
  2. Molecular department
  3. Gynecological department

All the departments are supervised by accredited scientific personnel and follow the strictest quality assurance procedures.

In addition, we offer b2b services to doctors who wish to offer to their clientele blood and molecular exams.

B2B services are organized by our courier department.

Our medical equipment is Siemens and Roche.

Our focus is into the spectrum of Gynecological exams and in particular the exams that are conducted during the pregnancy, under the scientific name NIPT test (Non-Invasive Pregnancy Test)

Our target is to formulate synergies with companies and institutions in India in the field of Gynecological exams such us NIPT, Non-Invasive Prenatal Test, and molecular exams.

In addition, due to the fact that our center cooperates with an IVF Clinic based in Athens Greece, named: Institute of Fertility, we would like to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the field of medical tourism and in particular providing medical tourism packages to Indian customers. The medical tourism package will be all-inclusive providing apart from the IVF package a full range of touristic packages such as accommodation, excursions, and other activities.

Last but not least, we may discuss the possibility of cooperation in the academic field. The scientific director of the IVF clinic is professor Loutradis who is a professor at the University of Athens in the Gynecological Department. Due to this fact we can discuss possible synergies in the academic field via the organization of Indian-Greek Medical conferences and exchange of student and academic personnel of the two countries. 
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