The 7th Bollywood and Multicultural Festival was completed with unprecedented success!

Under the Aegis of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) and the International Dance Council (CID–UNESCO)

July 5th – 7th 2019, Athens, Greece
Saturday and Sunday 2 Unique Shows at Dora Stratou Theatre

“Bigger and better every year”

More than 3000 spectators and participants had the chance to experience unique moments at the Dora Stratou theater, during the summer’s biggest dance event in Athens.

Featuring participants from 15 countries, a large audience, countless smiles and aethereal choreographies, the 7th Bollywood and Multicultural Festival achieved its goal – to celebrate the spectacular cultural connection between the East and the West.

With the Indian element being the central focus, the multicultural nature of this unique Festival was exhibited in the best possible way.

The spirit was festive, the seats of the theater were packed on both days – despite the Greek national elections on Sunday, July 7th –and dancers from all corners of the Earth took the stage. On July 6th and 7th the historical Dora Stratou theater was shaking with Indian, Greek and Middle Eastern rhythms, traditional and modern choreographies, uniting the audience and performers in a unique cultural exchange.


Featuring our very own Mrs Anna Dimitratou as the lead figure along with her 1st BollywoodDance Academy Greece and also accompanied by a large number of local and international artists, the hill of Filopappou was flooded with music, dance and colors, but also with delicious Indian flavors – creating a unique multicultural atmosphere.

Other important moments of the Festival were the 6 th International Bollywood Dance Competition, this year much bigger in terms of categories and contestants than the all previous editions, and the Opening Welcome Beach Party which took place at “Splats” Beach Bar on the beach of Alimos.

A brief statement by the Organizers:

“Every year that goes by, the Festival grows bigger and better. Together with our guests from Greece and abroad we lived some of the most intense and joyful moments so far! We thank the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and the International Dance Council (CID) for putting our Festival under their Auspices. We also thank all of our sponsors, whose help was utmost valuable in organizing this great event, bringing together people and cultures from all corners of the world.

Once more, our hard work has paid off; and we stand by our firm belief in that Dance – knowing no borders and boundaries – unites everyone in one family.

We are renewing our appointment for the summer of 2020 and the 8th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival! Looking forward!”

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